Meet the Winning Teams

Through eight Paradox Prize pilots, the Fund and its partners supported a range of solutions to address worker mobility challenges across multiple geographies and sectors. Operating across seven counties, the pilots enabled more than 1,300 residents to connect to jobs or access employment opportunities that were previously unavailable to them due to lack of transportation. 

The funded ideas, among other things, improved the effectiveness of transportation agencies; tested new fixed routes or first-mile/last-mile solutions that align to workforce needs; expanded on-demand vanpool services in rural communities; integrated transportation into workforce development programming; enabled employer-designed solutions to improve attraction and retention; and supported community-based solutions that leverage existing assets and improve job access.

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The pilot teams are more than just winners of The Paradox Prize:

They are trailblazers, forming uncommon partnerships to address a common problem and putting their resources together to try something new. We hope their solutions inspire others to create a region where affordable, accessible and efficient mobility options abound.

1 Let’s Get to Work Lorain County!

2 Rural Mobility Solutions

3 FlexRide

4 Stark Career Connect

5 Career Access Navigation

6 Transit GO

7 Get2Work Now

8 Healthy Transportation Choices

Let’s Get to Work Lorain County!

Unlocked latent transit demand with expanded service.

Rural Mobility Solutions

Disrupted the notion that public transit can’t work for rural areas.


Informed long-term approach to better connecting with employers.

Stark Career Connect

Brought together transportation and workforce development services.

Career Access Navigation

Made the case for greater fare equity.

Transit GO

Went from pilot to permanent free transit offering for workers in less than 18 months.

Get2Work Now

Put idle assets to use to connect hard-to-reach workers with hard-to-reach jobs.

Healthy Transportation Choices

Demonstrated hidden power of employer policies and practices through institutional change.