Transit GO

Through The Paradox Prize, Laketran set out to work more closely with area employers to help them fill open positions. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted original plans to provide on-demand vanpool service for two local employers, so Laketran began exploring other ways to make inroads with the business community. Laketran and the Lake County Commissioners Office proposed to offer free fares to riders traveling to and from employers situated on Laketran’s newest fixed routes that provide transportation to previously underserved areas.

The Details

Launched in December 2020, Transit GO is a transit benefit program for Lake County employers to provide free transportation to employees using Laketran. Laketran originally launched the program with the intent to provide free fares on local in-county fixed routes, due to lower cost of operation and available capacity. In April 2021, Laketran expanded the transportation options for the program to include Dial-a-Ride, its door-to-door demand responsive service that serves the entire county and is open to any Lake County resident regardless of age or disability status.

As of May 2022, more than 400 employees at nearly 160 employers have taken advantage of the program. On average, employees who use local routes to get to work are saving $70/month in transportation costs. Employees using Dial-a-Ride are saving up to $400/month. These are significant cost savings when considering the average hourly wage of participating employees is roughly $12 an hour.

The Results

The Transit GO program has provided Laketran an opportunity to learn more about the unmet transit needs in its community while building a stronger relationship with Lake County employers. For instance, Laketran has learned that earlier morning and later evening service would be beneficial for many workers, as well as increased service along certain routes. In a little over a year after launching the program, Laketran has made Transit GO a permanent offering for Lake County employers and workers, with support from the Ohio Department of Transportation and a local sales tax levy.

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“Transit needs to be responsive to the needs of the community. Being flexible and creative has allowed us to create partnerships to help solve the challenge of getting people to work.”

Ben Capelle